About Keepin it REAL w/ Janean

Keepin it REAL was a concept that popped into my head while taking a shower…. lots of ideas seem to manifest whilst taking the sacred shower. I heard ‘ you should start a podcast’ in my head and I was not thinking of anything remotely having to do with podcasts.

I thought it was an interesting idea, however I know NOTHING about podcasts except that I enjoy listening to them.

The idea that I needed to do something more than run a homestead and help raise two step teenagers had been fomenting for a while.

Meanwhile, I had become a magnet for people, mostly women, who knew they had thyroid issues and weren’t managing well, or woman who were sure they had the symptoms of low thyroid but their doctors told them they didn’t and there was nothing wrong with them…. maybe an antidepressant was called for. Over and over again I was able to share my knowledge and help educate these folks so they could get better care. I have been deeply researching the subject of Thyroid/Adrenal issues ever since my own ‘crash’ of 2001.

The other area I felt I could help people with was about the way we are choosing to live. We live on an off grid organic homestead and when I tell people they invariably will say ‘ I wish I could do something like that’. Of course they have no idea how much frigging work it is. However, most people have to live in cities and there are many things they can do to be more self sufficient and independent.

Soooooo I researched what it takes to pull a podcast together, talked to people, bought recording equipment and jumped in.

In my many years of taking workshops, adventures and travels I have had the good fortune to meet many amazing people and it occurred to me that some of them might like to be interviewed and share their gifts and knowledge.

It is my sincere desire to use this venue to share information that will improve your life in some way and be of service. The internet has many pitfalls but the ability to be able to share knowledge with an audience greater than the small village you are living in is not one of them!
Please enjoy and let me know if there is a topic you would like me to present on the podcast.

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