Navigating Challenges with Intuition w/ Kelly T. Smith(Ep 111)

Published by: janean strong on 02-28-2021

I have spent most of my life trying to understand who I am, what I want, and what is most important to me. Until recently I was on a journey of trying to fix myself, until one day I realized that if I was always trying to fix myself, I would always need to be fixed.

I believe the answers to all your problems are in one beautiful place that is often ignored or misunderstood and that place is inside of you. You have the answers, you hold the key and you are the only person that can change your life. My job is to introduce you to the one person that can help you, meet YOU!

Kelly T. Smith is a Mind, Body & Wellness Practitioner with a certification in Life Coaching & Hypnotherapy. She has been trained in a variety of holistic healing modalities as well, such as: NLP, holistic nutrition, past life regression therapy, homeopathic remedies, essential oils, psychology of intuition, energy healing and many others. Her mission in life is to help you realize your fullest potential, find your hidden gifts and to break free from limiting beliefs that keep your true self hidden.

For Kelly’s books, Oracle Cards, workshops and information about her individual sessions please go to her website

Keywords: Kelly T. Smith, Intuitive Life Coaching, Oracles

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