The 4th Phase of Water w/ Dr. Gerald Pollack

Published by: janean strong on 05-09-2021

Dr. Pollack is a bioengineering Professor at the Univ of Washington. He is regarded as one of the leading premier research scientists in the world in the understanding of the physics of water, and what it means to your health.
Jerry has published many peer-reviewed scientific papers on this topic and received prestigious awards from the National Institutes of Health and many other organizations.
His book, The Fourth Phase of Water: Beyond Solid, Liquid, and Vapor, is easy to understand even for the non-professional.

Some of the topics we cover:
*Why structured, EZ or vortexed water is important for our overall health
*The water inside of our cells is structured
*It takes energy to convert ordinary chaotic water into structured water
*The importance of infrared light and it’s affect on water
*Brain cells need structured water
*Science and spirituality has become mutually exclusive
*Water has memory and holds information
*The earth is negatively charged… the Ionosphere is positive
*Juicing is an excellent to take in structured water
*Glyphosate diminishes structured or EZ water


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Keywords: Gerald Pollack, structured water, 4th phase of water, vortex water, memory of water

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