UN Agenda 2030 w/ Martine Carlina (Ep 120)

Published by: janean strong on 07-04-2021

Agree or disagree or somewhere in the middle… This is important information… we are living it NOW. I know this conversation is a bit long but please hang in there til the end! I learned A LOT … I know you will too.

This is non-partisan and legitimizes the corporations interpretation of sustainability. This is about dominion over nature and humans, not about working together. It involves trans humanism, fascism and corporatocracy.

Do you want to make your own choices and have independence or would you prefer to have every aspect of your life controlled?

Martine Carlina is an entrepreneur, marketer/promoter, publisher, researcher, and writer. She has a natural propensity for truth. A journey that began back in 1988, backpacking her first genocide through Central America.
In 1997 she started Canada's first eco-store in Vancouver.
In 1999 she turned her attention to hemp food, moved to Saskatchewan and founded the first certified organic hemp food company.
In 2005 she began publishing the Organic Lifestyles Magazine.  
Burnout forced her to step back in 2010… this was the beginning of her journey into discovering her spirituality and purpose on this earth.
In 2019 the "call" came when her research exposed what she believed to be the single greatest threat to our western democracies … UN Agenda 2030.  
Weeks into her research she realized we had shifted into global governance, the virus was the 'great reset' and disruption was needed to 'shift' the world to the totalitarian goals of Agenda 2030. She now has over 200 videos on YouTube articulating this takedown of the west and how our world is being reshaped without our consent.


Telegram = @unmaskthefear
Instagram = @martinecarlina


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