Amazing Technologies for Optimal Health w/ Scott Helton (Ep 131)

Published by: janean strong on 10-31-2021

A very fun and inspiring conversation w/ Scott Helton, the owner of
Our main focus is technologies that empower our Body/Mind/Spirit.

A brief list of TOPICS:

**Terrain Theory vs Germ Theory
Dr. Barry Lando, New German Medicine

**C-60 (Carbon 60) - Best all around antioxidant, detox, pulls out metals, increase telomere length
My experience since this recording - huge reduction in inflammation in my body, often feeling none.

**Patrick Flanagan His life and technologies that are available today
The Neurophone - Increases long term memory storage
The Sensor V

Scott's website

Website for C-60 I have been taking (I am an affiliate)

Keywords: Patrick Flanagan, Scott Helton, Technologies, Health, Terrain Theory, C-60, Sensor V, Dr. Barre Lando

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