The Weaponization of The Shots w/ Dr. John Travis, MD (replay)

Published by: janean strong on 12-26-2021

Another medical perspective on current events.
Since the age of 5, Dr. John (Jack) Travis knew he wanted to be a doctor. He grew up with a General Practitioner Father who did house calls. Early on he found out that he just couldn’t write prescriptions and discovered the concept of High Level Wellness.
Dr. Travis decided that rather than treating sick people, he would dedicate his life to inspiring people to be well.
He created The Illness-Wellness Continuum. Most of us think of “wellness” in terms of “illness” and assume that the absence of illness indicates wellness.

Today, he is doing everything he can to raise awareness of the great lie about
vaccines and educate those whose minds are still open.

Vaccine Choice is supported by science whereas the conventional world view of vaccines does NOT.

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The 1986 act removed all liability for vaccine manufacturers.

We have been misled by a massive media campaign.

In 1994, chronic disease in children was 13%, in 2007 it was 54%!

The currency of wellness = connection!

So what are some of the things we CAN DO?

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Interview w/ Dr. Paul Thomas

Bitchute Powerpoint Slideshow

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