Passion for Health w/ Dr. Holly (Ep 158)

Published by: janean strong on 10-02-2022

Dr Holly has 7 degrees and 3 designations in all the different healing modalities. She started med school and left because they were so far behind.
She was surprised how far behind Naturopathy was as well & left after
the second year.
She is a Dr of Natural Medicine, Dr of Psychology, and her latest PhD was in Nutrition where she identified the biochemistry for cellular healing. She also has an MA in herbal medicine and more.
Holly is also a scientist, International Professional speaker/teacher and the author of over 30 books.
She talks on every Wednesday at noon.

Dr. Holly is passionate about health and healing because of her many health issues starting at birth.

Just some of what we cover:

*Terrain Theory v Germ Theory… does it have to be either / or?
*There are over 35,000 species of bacterium in the gut that are beneficial
*There are 10x more viruses that control and direct 40% of DNA
*Western medicine is based on Germ Theory
*99% of drugs deplete the body of nutrients
*80% of pharmaceuticals for the prostrate cause cancer
*700+ lawsuits against the ‘jabs’ have been won internationally
*Toxic household chemicals
*Garage Gardens
*How the jab affects immune functions

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