Potential Mechanisms for Neurodegenerative Disease w/ Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Published by: janean strong on 10-30-2022

Dr. Stephanie Seneff’s newest research collaboration on neurodegenerative diseases caused by misfolded proteins from mRNA ‘vaccinations’.

“Potential Mechanisms for Human Genome Integration of Genetic Code from SARS-CoV-2
mRNA Vaccination: Implications for Disease.” J Neurol Disord 10 (2022):519.
Seneff, S. Kiriakopoulos, AM, McCullough, PA, and Nigh G.

Some of our topics:

Every protein has a natural folded state to do its job.
Neurodegenerative disease are caused by misfiled proteins.
Prion proteins are misfolded proteins
Exosomes carrying toxins travel up the vagus nerves lead to neurological issues re: Bells Palsy,
headaches, difficulty swallowing, hearing issues, nausea
mRNA tech has been around for a long time but the trails keep failing
Spike protein causes other proteins to misfiled and causes inflammation
Cancer is caused by DNA double breaks…Spike proteins break DNA
RNA eventually disappears but once it gets into the DNA it is there for life.
And much more…

Dr. Seneff's Website

Potential Mechanisms paper

Link to FullerLife Carbon 60
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The Universal Antidote documentary

As soon as the paper is published, I will put the link here!

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