Dr. Brian Caswell P2: The 8 Extraordinary Meridians (E 170)

Published by: janean strong on 03-19-2023

Dr. Brian Caswell is a doctor of Chinese Medicine who also experienced a Near Death Experience which we talk about in Episode 163. IN part one of our conversation, Brian shared how his NDE has affected his life. In Part 2 of our conversation he is going to share with us the Daoist Chinese Medicine perspective of the Eight Extraordinary Meridians.

What is traditional Chinese Medicine - a little history
Stone medicine is very powerful - Heaven’s energy in solid form
Do you feel like you are in the wrong body? The wrong timeline? etc
Searching for what your purpose is
Acting as a conduit of change
Using herbs and stones that match the vibrations of the channels
Tapping into the akashic records
Self Cultivation
Daoist Traditions, Ashville NC
8 Extraordinary meridians charts - https://www.acupunctureproducts.com/extraordinary_meridians_chart.html
Who am I… Why am I here
Cycles of 7 & 8 are when major life events occur and record a major imprint in time
There are ways to tap into aspects of self that perhaps we didn’t think were possible

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