Natural Remedies You May Not Know w/ Klanmother Karen McDonald

Published by: janean strong on 05-07-2023

Karen McDonald is a klan tribe mother, a registered nurse, quantum biofeedback practitioner and trainer and an amazing healer.

Karen has been passionately pursuing freedom & peace and protecting children in the courts from MKUltra mind control since 1987. She is also involved in the unlawful abductions of tribal/klan and international star nation children, the removal of vaccines, SMART meters, non taxation and many other causes for justice.

Some of our topics:
What is a Klan Mother
Treaties v Legal Contracts
Karen’s experience with child abuse
National Citizens Inquiry
Colon hydrotherapy
Project Incension
Pascal Najadi
Importance of pH
Heavy Metals - clays and activated charcoal
Yoni steams, Peri steam hydrotherapy, Yoni Pearls
Aromatherapy Pills
Smart meters
Importance of breaking the Soul contract if jabbed



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Keywords: KlanMother Karen McDonald, Alternative Healing Methods

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