Overcoming Addictions pt 1 w/ Dr. Matt Flory & Lynette Isaak (Ep 38)

Published by: janean strong on 05-13-2018

Functional Medicine and Core Alignment Recovery Coaching offer two balanced and aligned perspectives on the etiology of addiction and recovery. Dr. Matt Flory offers his perspective from a Functional Medicine point of view and Lynette Isaak as a Life Coach specializing in Recovery. You do not want to miss this important and insightful conversation!

Lynette Isaak is a Core Alignment Specialist, Emotional Wisdom Trainer, Genesis Addictions Counselor, Peer Recovery Mentor and a Certified Mediator. She is the founder of Core Alignment Recovery Coaching.

Dr. Matthew Flory specializes in Functional Medicine and is the founder and architect of the internet based Functional Health Team.

Some of the topics we cover are:

Genetics and Epigenetics
The Brain
Pain as the root cause of addiction
Importance of social networks

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Keywords: Brain, addiction, recovery, functional medicine, Core Alignment Recovery Coaching

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