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Back to regular life...

I have a friend who bought a property that came with chickens and ducks. She is a HUGE animal lover. The difficulty is having 2 male ducks (drakes) and 2 female. It is way too much for the girls... there should be at least 4 or 5 girls for every boy... those boys are just too much otherwise. Those of us who love our animals can not do that to the girls! Sooooo of course I offered to help out as she was having to keep the sexes separated. More work, and not fun!

I said I would take the girls as I am down to only 2 gals after the 'Cougar events'. They are Muscovies, Mom and daughter.... Gemma and Gina. I have never had Muscovies and actually didn't want any as they are kinda ugly and I am a duck snob. I know, you never even knew one could be a duck snob. Haha
They are a bit on the ugly side, but it makes them rather cute.
I since found out that they are really perching water fowl and not ducks. First night after their arrival, they are perching on the roosts in front of the nesting boxes. That was a surprise... as ducks sleep on the ground. Must be where the phrase 'sitting ducks' comes from.
They have the funniest behaviors and sound more like pigeons.

My hatching eggs are supposed to arrive next week. Hopefully I will have a good hatch and can replace some of my lost chickens and ducks. It is fun to raise them by hand as they are so much more friendly and handleable ..... hmmmm not sure that is really a word.

I am cutting back on the number of chickens and ducks this year and cutting way back on the garden. Can't do much about the orchard, gotta keep that up as is, but the garden can be way smaller and I will just buy more local organic produce. Stephen and I both want less work. Bringing in outside electricity has been a big step. Now we finish up projects and look at different ways to not have to do as much.

My latest Podcast conversation is with Caitlin Aguero, Lighthearted in Baja.
Caitlin Aguero has been living in Mexico for 7 years. She owns the Baja Wellness Bliss Spa in Pescadero, Baja Mexico. Baja is known as the ‘Arm of Mexico”. A delightful peninsula below California.
Caitlin offers Float Tank Experiences, Yoga classes, Meditation, Massage and Reflexology.

For many years now, Caitlin has practiced with Mayan and Navajo Shamans in various ceremonies. The philosophies of native traditions are part of Caitlin’s daily routine. She holds Cacao Ceremonies and Fire Ceremonies in conjunction with the new and full moon and she offers Crystal Therapy and Chakra Balancing passed to her from Mayan healing traditions (2011).

Caitlin and I sit outside on her porch and chat about her life experiences, being in the flow, the different styles of yoga, decision making, and what it is like to live in Baja. It is a fun off the cuff conversation… you may just want to take a trip to Baja after listening and enjoy the sun, water, people, food and culture!

For archived Conversations I have chosen:

1. Krista Poulton, Herbal First Aid
Comprehensive herbal first aid for hiking, camping and the home. Krista tells us what you can use if outside and there is an injury or accidental ingestion of a toxin etc and you don't have anything with you.
With this information you can put together a complete herbal first aid kit to complement traditional first aid items.
Once again Krista shares her extensive medicinal herbal knowledge with us....there is tons of information here. So if you are interested in natural remedies soak it in and take notes.

2. Rae Chois, Our topic is Overcoming Stuckness in Your Life, part 2 'The Tools'
Here are TOOLS to help you create the changes you are wanting in your life but always seem out of your reach.
Take notes, take action and try something different. And above all.. have fun with it!

Rae is a passionate and vivacious professionally trained and certified life and business coach, and internationally published author who has applied these very principles to transform her life from a dreadful spiral “below the line” to a thrilling place of gratitude and bliss that she calls her “above the line ~ state of mind.

But is hasn’t always been this way…. For years and year Rae Chois asked herself… “Is this as good as it gets?” She had crazy thought viruses, anxiety and depression that infected her consciousness and her results for years. Everything looked good on the surface, but after a devastating divorce in 2008 and years of suffering as a single mother alone in the world… She finally said, “Enough is enough! I demand to expand!”

Who do you know that can benefit from these podcast conversations? Please share the love far and wide by forwarding this email to friends and family.
This is my gift and service and your help in getting the word out is very much appreciated!

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Take Care & Be Well

Lighthearted in Baja w/ Caitlin Aguero

Podcast Ep # 34
Listen Now

Herbal First Aid
w/ Krista Poulton

Podcast Ep # 10
Listen Now

Overcomming Stuckness in Your Life:
'The Tools'
w/ Rae Chois

Podcast Ep # 6 part 2
Listen Now

Cucumber Water

This is a simple healthy refreshing drink just right for the warmer months.
I had it at our favorite little restaurant in Todos Santos, Baja, Mexico

This is very simple.
In a blender, add to good clean water

If you are filling the entire blender use 1/2 cucumber
Amount depends on the size of the lime. But, I would say 1-2
Peppermint - fresh
Several sprigs ( just use the leaves)
If you don't have any... it grows like a weed. Get a piece from a friend and plant it. Otherwise buy some and stick it in a glass of water... keeps longer
Add Ice
You may want a little sweetener, up to you...
Experiment with the amounts to your taste.


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