The Alchemy of Waking Up w/ Dr. Steven Forrest (Ep 81)

Published by: janean strong on 02-02-2020

Are you on the journey of Self Discovery?
Dr. Steve Forrest breaks down the major aspects of the journey from the perspective of decades of his own personal spiritual work.
Chasing experiences to alter your state of consciousness doesn’t change you. Almost nothing actually changes.

The true spiritual journey is waking up to yourself as the Universe rather than as a person. To find eternal bliss you have to find that which never changes.
You have to wake up to what you were before you became a person.
Your sense of identity is what changes, not necessarily yourself. You have always been ‘you’.

Ah ha moments vs a paradigm shift where you are changed forever.

Transcendental states vs ordinary states

When the mind is spinning…
Release, Relax, Let Go

Do we have free will? Listen to find out!

Change your mind, change your life!

Dr. Steve Forrest has decades of experience with meditation, contemplation, inquiry and inner work. He has been actively involved in multiple schools and traditions ever since he was a teenager. These days he works with small groups and individuals.

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Keywords: awakening, transcendental, steve forrest, consciousness, meditation

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