Healing Trauma in Relationship w/ Carista Luminare & Lion Goodman

Published by: janean strong on 02-16-2020

Learn how developmental trauma affects how you manage stress in relationships through the lens of attachment theory.
Understand the 4 attachment styles, which ones fit you and how you behave in relationship when triggered.
We live in a society of wounded people who tend to be reactive rather than responsive when another ‘pushes our buttons’.
You can help those close to you heal. We are not our patterns. We can change our patterns and rewire our brain.

The difference between shock trauma and developmental trauma.

What to do when your partner is triggered or feels unsafe.

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Lion Goodman is a belief therapist and helps people heal core wounds, delete old programming from the Human Operating System, and clear away limitations, resistance, and blocks from the psyche. When you remove limiting beliefs, what emerges is your power as Creator of your own life. You can then easily and naturally create the great and beautiful life you deserve.

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Podcast Episode: 'Being Limitless'

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Carista Luminare integrates the recent research in the neuroscience of relationship and attachment into her comprehensive understanding about the impact of childhood developmental trauma on identity formation, beliefs and behaviors. After four decades of applying this cultivated wisdom into her personal and professional life, Carista is confident a person can rewire their self- identity to be an expression of their true nature, if they do the inner work with guidance they trust.

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