Chaostrology: A Guide for Spiritual Transformation w/ John Keeran & Team

Published by: janean strong on 04-26-2020

Chaostrology: A Guide for Spiritual Transformation
by John Keeran, Alicia Becker and Vicky Rockey

Chaostrology is a hybrid of astrology. Most people are familiar with Tropical astrology or western astrology.
Chaostrology embraces Sidereal astrology or eastern astrology.

Chaostrology is a reconstruction of astrology turning it into a science. The idea of being guided by stars and planets is thrown out. Science cannot support that premise. Instead, Chaostrology is grounded in the magnetosphere of the Earth, the Sun, and other celestial bodies of our solar system. The magnetosphere surrounds and permeates the Earth with magnetism.
Consequently, it is not the positions of stars and planets that establish character and personality traits for a person at birth, but rather the unique shape of the Earth’s magnetosphere.

Tropical astrology is off by about 25 degrees – almost a full Zodiac Sign.
Ask any astronomer. You can prove it with your own eyes by looking at the night sky.
For most people, their Sun sign will go backward one full sign with Chaostrology.
e.g. Taurus becomes Aries, Pisces becomes Aquarius, Cancer becomes Gemini, etc.
Most people who have had both Tropical and Sidereal readings find that the Sidereal reading is more accurate.

JAK Vicky Cici

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