Why Worry: Stop Coping and Start Living w/ Kathryn Tristan

Published by: janean strong on 05-16-2020

We all worry. It’s a natural part of living. A biologically built-in mechanism, worry was designed to help us. Where do we go wrong? For millions worldwide, worries are eating away at our sense of security, our feelings of well-being and ultimately downsizing our happiness while supersizing our stress. We cannot open a newspaper, turn on television, listen to the radio, or surf the internet without witnessing chaos, catastrophes, or just plain old bad news. We are worried about our jobs, our families, our relationships, just about everything.

Worry has become a global epidemic. Kathryn Tristan is a Research Scientist and Assistant Professor of Medicine on the faculty of Washington University School of Medicine. She studies our biological immune system and the “psychological immune system” that represents the thoughts and feelings meant to protect us.
Her book Why Worry? tackles this problem head on and provides simple, effective, battle-tested solutions that really work.

Many people are in isolation. They are worried, anxious, and unclear of their current (and future!) situations 
So, how do we stop coping and start living?
Worry is a choice.... Choice provides power!
Focus on what you can do now.
What so I need to accept because I cannot it?
Work on Solutions
Be pro-active
There is a sweet spot between routine and variety
Self care is important
Take little steps, it is OK to make mistakes
Learn to take risks to take you out of your comfort zone

How to stay positive, stop worrying, and start living—right in our own home!

Kathryn's Website

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