Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Afterlife w/ Hollister Rand

Published by: janean strong on 05-30-2020

Everything You Always Wanted to Know About the Afterlife but Were Afraid to Ask

Hollister Rand is a medium who has provided detailed messages from the spirit world for more than 25 years.
Her book tackles a wide spectrum of concepts with candor and wit, busting myths and shedding light on a taboo topic.
Hollister’s guide to the afterlife addresses the concerns of the living with the no-nonsense wisdom of the spirits.

You will find this to be an enjoyable uplifting conversation!

Is there really an afterlife?
Does romantic love exist in the afterlife?
Is it spirit or my imagination?
Can spirits interfere in our lives?
We all have helpers.
What is the difference between a psychic and a medium?
Does pain or disability travel with you into the afterlife?

And MUCH More!


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