The Existential Crisis of Our Children w/ Dr. Michael Smith

Published by: janean strong on 06-06-2020

The Internet has changed just about everything in our lives. Especially how our children interact with 'screens' and with the world around them. Dr. Smith helps us to understand how trying to manage their time as opposed to collaborating WITH them is damaging and not working.

Some of what we cover:
Proactive screen time vs Reactive screen time
Management vs Collaboration
The Role of the Polyvagal nervous system
How existential pain is the source of addiction

Filled with fun examples and useful information, Dr. Smith gives an intelligent explanation for why children gravitate to their screens and what we can do with them to help shift their interests to the world around them.

Dr. Smith applies a combination of Functional Medicine and Evolutionary Nutrition, with the wisdom and experience of Traditional Chinese Medicine to his healing practice. This combination of traditions helps him understand and respond to some of today’s most complex health challenges in a very comprehensive and effective way. Michael calls himself ‘the autoimmune health detective’.

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Keywords: children, screen time, existential crisis, Dr. Michael Smith, Polyvagal

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