The Angels Are With Us w/ Carol May - Sacred Voice for the LIGHT

Published by: janean strong on 06-14-2020

Our JOB is to dream in the New World!

Carol May was born with the ability to talk to the angels and people's soul. Carol has worked with the Angels and the BEINGS (the Arch Angels, St Germain, The Blue Ones, The Rainbow Angels of Healing and Metatron) consciously since 1983. She has done SOUL ATTUNEMENT READINGS, ANGEL READINGS and special planetary teaching (such as working with DNA codes and the 10th, 11th and 12th Dimensional energies) since 1983, when her RAYVA self came forward as an ancient wisdom being acting as her higher self in this lifetime. Carol has also developed her other healing skills as REIKI MASTER/TEACHER for more than fifteen years, as a hypnotherapist, rebirther, NLP Practitioner, and through NIA dance.

In 2007, Her book "Working with Angels in Everyday Life." was published and Archangel Metatron dubbed her “Sacred Voice for the Light.’

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