A Wake Up Call For Us All w/ Cynthia Lazaroff

Published by: janean strong on 07-12-2020

Scattered around the world, under the control of opposing nations, exists some fifteen thousand nuclear weapons. There are Ten steps we can take to reduce the nuclear risk so humanity can survive our planet’s most dangerous time! Get involved, the planet needs you!

I was awakened to the gravity of the nuclear danger by my mentor and professor Richard Falk as an undergraduate at Princeton and became deeply concerned about the risk of a nuclear war between the US and USSR. I wanted to go and meet the “enemy” for myself and made my first trip to Russia in 1978 at the height of the Cold War as an exchange student at Leningrad State University.
I made dear friends. They were not the enemy stereotype in U.S. media. They were people whom I found delightful, whom I came to love...

Cynthia Lazaroff is a U.S.-Russian relations expert and an award-winning documentary filmmaker.  Cynthia is engaged in diplomacy and mediation efforts with Russia and has founded groundbreaking U.S.-Russian exchange initiatives since the early 1980s. In 2018, while living on the island of Kaui'i, Cynthia experienced what turned out to be a false Nuclear missile alert. And today, she is doing everything she can to help eradicate nuclear weapons!

“We are, today, inexplicably recreating the conditions of the Cold War. We're recreating the dangers of the Cold War…Today the danger of some sort of nuclear catastrophe is greater than it was during the Cold War, and most people are blissfully unaware of this danger.
 Because we don't understand the dangers we make no attempt, no serious attempt, to repair the hostility between the United States and Russia. And so we are allowing ourselves to sleepwalk...to sleepwalk into another catastrophe. We must wake up.”
 — Former Defense Secretary William Perry, Interview, November 2017

“It is time to stop and reflect on where we are. We are under the influence of those who want to draw us into new conflicts, new vilifications. We have to avoid this…
 It is a time when we must remember John Kennedy. Do we think now, in the nuclear age, that you can make yourself happy with the thought that you can prevail over a potential adversary? You can’t succeed. No one can…
 We must dream. We must dream. Because dreaming leads you to seek. To seek ideas... These are most precious, and to realize projects based on these ideas…”
 —Mikhail Gorbachev, Interview, December 2017

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