Nutrition for Optimal Thyroid Health w/ Tiffany Flaten (Ep 96)

Published by: janean strong on 07-26-2020

For ten years Tiffany Flaten felt depressed, irritable, hopeless and tired. By her first baby, she was overweight and had high cholesterol. So why did thyroid tests always come back normal?

In 2007, she was diagnosed with thyroid cancer, and I will let Tiffany tell you her story. Bottom line is that the only thing that actually helped her was the right nutrition.
She learned how nutrient deficiencies contributed to both her thyroid health symptoms and causes, she cured her depression, lost weight, and got her energy back. Tiffany has become a Thyroid expert in Nutrition and has helped hundreds of people get to the root cause of their thyroid symptoms, find a way up from rock bottom, be their own best advocate, and shortcut the path to an amazing life.

Her new book, Rock Bottom Thyroid Treatment: An 8-Week Thyroid Diet for People with “Normal” Thyroid Test Results to Thrive Not Just Survive is available now on Amazon and on Tiffany's website.

Tiffany's Website

Rock Bottom Wellness Facebook page

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