The Daily Cloak: Energetic Clearing & Protection w/ Pamela Aloia

Published by: janean strong on 08-23-2020

Pamela’s latest book, The Daily Cloak, offers a unique, easy-to-apply array of spiritual essentials for creating a serene tapestry of clarity and protection for everyday living and provides a solid foundation to build or enhance daily energetic practices and awareness.
Pamela Aloia has focused on individual and collective energy healing for the past 20 years. In 2003, she started the Sol Angel energy center, and she provides insight and instruction for people to expand their consciousness, encourage and support self-discovery, and create enhanced life experiences. Pamela guides people to understand themselves so balanced decisions can be made, and living in alignment internally and externally becomes not only possible, but also achievable.

Some of our topics:
Benefits of energy work
Energetic clearing and protection
Releasing mental and emotional issues so that we can become more clear
‘If this is not mine, please let it go’
Using color to help balance emotions
Everyone has the ability to visualize
Patience and practice!

Keywords: The Daily Cloak, clearing, protection, Pamela Aloia

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