Neuro Nutrition & Your Brain Health w/ Leah Lund (Ep 99)

Published by: janean strong on 09-06-2020

How to reboot your brain for better health and happiness!

Your brain produces four types of neurotransmitters that insure you have mood resilience, meaning the ability to experience true emotions and then bring yourself back to emotional balance. A well fed brain does not get “stuck” in a mood or produce a mood that is not based on an actual situation or trigger. You can think of it as four “gas tanks” in your brain. Each gas tank takes its own specific fuel and must be nourished properly to keep the tank full and your moods balanced.

Neurotransmitter deficiency has risen as a result of increased stress, artificial additives in our food, low calorie dieting, lack of exercise, low protein diets, genetics and reliance on processed sugar and carbohydrates. The important thing to know is that even in the case of a genetic inheritance, these brain chemical imbalances are easily correctable. You are not destined to feel this way and it is not an inherent personality disorder that you have to learn to live with.

Leah Lund is the Creator of One Whole Health. She offers coaching and retreats that help you command your frequency and  unlock your inner capacity so you can brave life’s uncertainties and challenges and create a life you love.
Leah’s programs help you reboot your brain and rewire your subconscious so you can have the clarity, capacity and courage to be your true self and live your life’s purpose. Blending her experience in Brain Coaching, Neuro Nutrient Therapy, Breathwork, Spiritual Expansion, Hypnotherapy, Rapid Transformational Therapy and Holistic Health Coaching, Leah designed her unique One Whole Health Method™ to help you feel happy, confident and content.
She is an Author, Speaker and Host of the IAmVibrant podcast. Her book ‘Feeling Good on Purpose’ is a simple guide to balancing your energy, weight, mood and life without quitting your day job!

Leah's website

Feeling Good on Purpose (scroll to the bottom of the page)

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