Air Pollution, Biodiesel, Glyphosate, Covid-19 & more w/ Dr. Stephanie Seneff

Published by: janean strong on 11-22-2020

An Epic Conversation...If I do say so!

The innate immune system is becoming defective as a consequence of Glyphosate poisoning.
Not all air pollution correlates to increased Covid-19, there does appear to be a correlation where biofuels (Biodiesel & Biogas) are being used in areas of high pollution.

A fascinating discussion:
How Glyphosate disrupts fat metabolism & the mitochondria
Connection between flu vaccines and mortality
Why it is better to contract the flu with a healthy immune system rather than have a flu vaccine
Virus vs Exosome
Viruses can help repair the mitochondria
Deuterium, mitochondria and glyphosate
Masks & vaccines
Lingering symptoms
Importance of sulfur
Fulvic/Humic acid to chelate Glyphosate
The importance of focusing on boosting your immune functions
Why high outbreaks in meat processing plants
Vit D3 and sunlight
Keeping your vitamins and minerals at good levels and avoiding toxins will go a long way to keep you healthy!

Dr. Seneff's Weston Price article

YouTube Option with lots of graphs

Keywords: Stephanie Seneff, Covid-19, Glyphosate, vaccines, masks

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