Angelic Intelligence w/ Crystal Pomeroy

Published by: janean strong on 01-31-2021

Angelic Intelligence is a higher level of cognition that is directly connected to a higher realm of light beings.
There are Angels for everything!
Prayer is one of the most powerful activities we can do!

Crystal Pomeroy is the Founder of Vibrational Science, Divine Unblocking and Angelic Constellation methods. She lives in Mexico City and is a metaphysician, astrologer and angel communicator.

Crystal’s natural talents and skill sets include healer, astrologer, teacher, writer, speaker, spiritual growth facilitator and television and radio host. She is a scholar, a collector of myths and stories from numerous cultural antiquity. Originally from Northern California, Crystal studied Spanish and Latin American Studies at UC Berkeley. Since college she has been living in Mexico where she has continued her studies of different native traditions for many years. She currently hosts her own weekly radio show in Mexico City. You can read her monthly predictions and tips and her Daily Success Guide in Daykeeper Journal.

Crystal is the author of the upcoming Llewellyn book, Angelic Intelligence. Her teachers and students through her Alchemy Empowerment Sessions offer sustaining ongoing support for orphanages and the elderly and others in need in the Mexico City area. You can reach her for Alchemy Empowerment and Healing Sessions, various courses working with Angels, and in depth astrological and numerological charts. Follow her on Facebook as Crystal Pomeroy, Author and Healer and Instagram as crystal_clearalways.

Crystal's website
Daykeeper Journal
Bitchute Slideshow

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