Stillness to Success w/ Ken Kladouris (Ep132)

Published by: janean strong on 11-14-2021

Ken Kladouris is an entrepreneur, speaker and creator of Stillness to Success. His key focus is helping people cut through the noise, find their stillness, and create the success they want in life.
Ken created his Stillness to Success course with practical and impactful lessons he extracted from years of his own self-study. He made it with a fresh and relevant spin to the 2021 challenging world we are all experiencing. Those who participate in his course can expect to come away feeling more empowered and better equipped to navigate their personal and professional day-to-day decision-making. He is all about how to thrive – not just survive – in our hectic world!

If you find your stillness you can change your life for the better!

Some of the Topics we cover:

**What are some of the different types of mediation
**Finding the Stillness of your mind
**Just start where you are
**Awareness in the present moment
** Some of the course topics
How to meditate
Find what you value
Learn what it is you really want
What is your vision for the future
What is success for you

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