Finding Peace After War w/ Claude Anshin (Ep 137)

Published by: janean strong on 01-09-2022

At 17, Claude AnShin enlisted in the US Army and served in the Vietnam War. After battling severe post-traumatic stress, isolation, and addiction, he discovered Buddhist practice and began intensive training and study. In 1995 he was fully ordained as a Zen Buddhist monk in the Japanese Soto Zen tradition. Claude  has dedicated his life to addressing the causes and consequences of violence, war, and suffering in individuals, families, and societies. Addressing our human suffering and how to make peace with our unpeacefulness through an active meditation practice teaches us that the human mind can learn to live in a different relationship with suffering and through that, peace is possible. 

An honest raw insightful process of discovery of suffering leads to healing and transformation.

Claude Anshin speaks wherever he is invited.

Some of our topics:
Importance of being really present with the breath all the time in the present moment
You never know when PTSD is going to surface
Athletics is a form of paramilitary training
How do you reintegrate into society after being in combat
Avoiding experiences, thought and consequences of war prevents being able to fit into society

The Zaltho Foundation

At Hell's Gate

Bringing Meditation to Life

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Keywords: war, Claude Anshin, Vietnam, PTSD, meditation

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