Modern Merlin & Sacred Geometry w/ LON

Published by: janean strong on 01-23-2022

The world is changing every moment. Are you having a hard time keeping up? Do you understand how these changes may be adding extra stress and confusion to your life? Modern Merlin shows you how to navigate the constant changes with ease and a little magic!

Lon is an internationally acclaimed sacred geometry artist, creator of two oracle decks and author of Modern Merlin: Uncover Your Magic Powers. Modern Merlin takes complex topics, such as magic, manifestation, multidimensionality, and energy, and makes sense of how and why things are the way they are—and how you can begin using your magic deliberately and skillfully to be in full co creation with the Universe.
We’ve all experienced magic at one time or another. Perhaps as synchronicity or inexplicable coincidence. But, The truth is: magic can be found within us. And LON is here to help us find our personal magic and the best version of ourselves.

A few of our topics:
How beliefs affect out reality
We see what we are looking for
3 D vs Multi D
Time as the 4th dimension
Vertical time
How fear pulls us out of 'the Now'

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