Speaking Truth to Power w/ Lani Gelera

Published by: janean strong on 02-06-2022

Lani was a Professional Hollywood Stuntwoman for 20 years. Lani is now putting her courageous, compassionate, and outspoken nature in service as a Lightworker and Lioness.

As an author and publisher, Lani is currently finishing the third volume in her Brave book series called, Ascending Human Consciousness. Her first two books, Courage During Covid and Speaking Truth to Power are available now.

These are brave stories of individuals and organizations with the loudest and strongest voices across Canada that are holding people who are in positions of power accountable for their crimes against humanity.

Lani's Website

Instagram: @Lady_Braven

AND just in case you doubt Lani's stuntwoman abilities
Here is her stunt real It's Pretty COOL!

Bill Gates briefing CIA

To listen on BitChute

Keywords: Lani Gelera, Speaking truth to power, Courage during Covid, natural law

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