The Current is But a Moment w/ Pamela Aloia

Published by: janean strong on 04-17-2022

Pamela Aloia is an energy healer, author, and teacher who has focused the last 20 years on individual and collective energy healing. She offers insight for people to expand their consciousness and enhance life experiences by combining practical and heartful aspects, inspiring others to discover a life of soul-filled living.

The gifts of Nature are a way to be present, escape from stress in a healthy way.

Mindfulness and inspiration using beautiful photos of nature. Many with Orbs!

Build a bond with an idea before you share it and share only with those you feel will be supportive.
Surround an idea you want to manifest with color

Importance of Color: Helps us to express ourselves

The attributes of color
All colors are good
‘With what do I resonate today?’

New workshop: Maneuvering Change with Grace

Pamela's Website

Listen on Rumble

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