Our Perspective w/ Col. Craig (retired) & Mo Carlson

Published by: janean strong on 05-29-2022

Craig Carlson is a retired Army Colonel. He served 27 years with experience in NATO, Pentagon Army Operations, Counternarcotics, Intelligence, HR, Air Defense Battery and Battalion level commands. 

Craig’s wife, Mo, is a former fashion designer educated in Germany at the University of Applied Sciences.  She is an avid researcher and volunteer for Christian and military charities.

Some of the topics we discuss:
Monkey Pox
The Davos crowd
Mainstream media
What can we do?
Become involved in local politics
Concept of Civic Duty
Political system needs to be overhauled
Weakening of the military
Dividing society is part of the agenda
We are headed into uncharted territory

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Keywords: Agenda 2030, Craig Carlson, censorship, Davos

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