Experience & Resilience w/ Sean Taylor

Published by: janean strong on 06-12-2022

Sean Taylor is trained in emergency services and has worked air and ground ambulance and as a firefighter. In 2002 Sean went back to school to become a registered nurse, and spent 16 years in the ER working in both pediatric and adult. Sean has also spent 19 years in the Canadian armed forces, finishing his career as a nursing officer. He deployed to Afghanistan in 2009-10 where he was second in command of a tactical psychological operations team.
In 2018 Sean decided to get involved politically and joined the Peoples Party of Canada.

Some of our Topics:
For those in The States - a little education on Canadian politics
The Peoples Party of Canada
There are now 96 food plants that have been destroyed
Updated list of US-Based Food Manufacturing Plants Destroyed Under Biden Administration
Sean’s experiences in the ER during ‘Covid'
History- how much is actually true
We are spiritual beings having a brief physical experience - not the other way around
Seeing the game is freeing
We are in an ancient spiritual war
We need to build community and prepare
It is a gift to be able to be a part of building a new civilization

Website for PPC & Sean

Twitter = @SeanTaylorPPC

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