Shift From 3D to 5D w/ Lani Gelera (Ep150)

Published by: janean strong on 07-10-2022

Lani Gelera was a Professional Hollywood Stuntwoman for 20 years. Lani is now putting her courageous, compassionate, and outspoken nature in service as a Lightworker and Lioness.

As an author and publisher, Lani has recently finished the third volume in her Brave book series called, Ascending Human Consciousness. Her first two books in the series are Courage During Covid and Speaking Truth to Power.

Our topic today is a program she has been developing to assist in shifting from 3D to 5D.

3D = physical reality, the matrix of control
5D = Light, a higher vibration, love, new Earth concepts
4D = Time, truth, corruption exposed, transition, the process, the bridge
learning how to detach and forgive is needed to take our power back.
we want to manifest the life that we want from a higher vibration
The Work
Everything that we want in our lives is on the other side of fear
Natural Law
React v Response

Lani's Website

The Brave Book Series

Mattias Desmet & The Psychology of Totalitarianism

Michael Jaco Interview

Keywords: Lani Gelera, Speaking Truth to Power, Courage during Covid, natural law, Exiting the Matrix

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