Galactic Astrology w/ Julia Balaz

Published by: janean strong on 07-24-2022

For many years Julia Balaz felt guided to meticulously study Astrological Charts of her clients AFTER their QHHT® (past life regression) sessions. She was looking for proof about Higher guidance and the Extra-Terrestrial connections that came up in so many sessions. Julia has analysed close to 2000 Astro Charts from a galactic perspective, she feels called to share her research data confirming epic cosmic orchestration and influence of celestial bodies on our lives, supporting our collective evolution. 
Julia is a passionate researcher of Galactic Astrology & Souls' evolution and she shares her fascinating discoveries in her online courses.

Some of Our Topics:
The demand to come here is very high
Why do souls want to come to Earth
Before we come to Earth we feel as one with all life, full of light and love
There are no wrong choices/decisions or failures, no wrong outcome
So many other star systems and galaxies are involved
Focus on mastering your own reality, your own experience
Most of us are multi galactic
The more you follow your heart the more synchronicities occur

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