Gifts from the Stars w/ Elena Dannan

Published by: janean strong on 08-07-2022

At age 9, Elena was abducted by Zeta Reticuli Small Grays, the Xrog, to be taken into large scale hybridization programs. The abduction was traumatic and is described in detail in her first best seller: "A Gift From The Stars". In this book, she describes how she was rescued by a crew of the Galactic Federation of Worlds, all blond fair skin people from different star systems. The ship captain, named Thor Han Eredyon from Ashaara in the Pleiades, became her regular contact throughout her whole life to this day.
Elena’s mission is to help Earthly humans awaken to their true potential and power through her books and public media.

A bit of what we cover:

Prime Directive - Freewill is the greater law of the Universe
We need to increase our frequency and avoid fear
A glimpse into Earth 100 years from now
Why do Souls want to incarnate on Earth
Humans have tremendous power to create reality. It has been deliberately suppressed
And so much more

Elena's website

Elena Dannan Druidess

Exopolitics/ Dr. Michael Salla

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