Heath Justice w/ Susan Stanfield (EP 153)

Published by: janean strong on 08-21-2022

Susan Stanfield is a strong advocate for justice particularly Health Justice. She watched her mother die from health policy corruption in Canada and has worked in service since then using photography, story, writing and advocacy to help others.
Susan initiated the first NO MORE LOCKDOWNS lawful protest march on April 12 2020 at Vancouver City Hall to awaken the world to public health fraud.

Her new book, “BETRAYED: Blowing the whistle on the organized betrayal of natural health in Canada” is her memoir of starting the No More Lockdowns movement.

Some of our Topics:
The Anglosphere
Social Justice
Understanding Governance Systems
Susan's perspective on Homelessness
The Pharmaceuticalization of North America
Brexit - trigger of the Plandemic
Canada as a Nanny State
Central Banks are a financial cult
The "Developing" World
The "a Hundred Orders" that took over Iraq
What can we do to move change along
We have the opportunity to rebuild now.... Take Action

FaceBook - Susan Stanfield
Instagram - @Health and Justice
Susan's WebSite

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Keywords: Betrayed, Susan Stanfield, advocacy, Health Justice

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