Self Care Using BioResonance w/ Dr. Deborah Drake

Published by: janean strong on 04-02-2023

Dr. Deborah Drake has a truly integrative background with degrees in many disciplines of Allopathic Family and Emergency Medicine, Integrative Medicine, Humanitarian Services, Osteopathic, Ayurvedic, Bioenergetic Medicine, and Frequency and Light Therapies. She is the Director of the Department of Bioenergetic Medicine at the Canadian College of Humanitarian Medicine, where she teaches Integrative Health Coach Certification at her online Academy at
She is also an author and lecturer and speaks on many subjects including Homeostasis of the Bioterrain, Leaky Gut Syndrome, Detox with Biotechnology, Sleep and Immune Health Strategies, holistic nutrition, Biocrystal Sleep Technology, and Bioenergetic therapies like Quantum Biofeedback, PEMF (Pulsed Electromagnetic Field therapy) and Light Matrix therapy.

Some of Our Topics:
Bio technology gives you a magnifying glass to help understand what is going on with a person
Biotechnology can balance you back to the Centerpointe
Every molecule has a unique frequency
The frequency of the Earth is 432 Hz
We are a reflection of the sub vibration of the Earth
F# resonates with 432 Hz which resonates with selenium and sulfur which cleans the body, thyroid and liver
440 Hz vs 432 Hz
The Pineal Gland
The 5 Elements / Organs / Seasons
The importance of Detoxing
The development of Blood starts with light
How the voice print/analysis works
Is it addiction or parasites?
85% of diseases are mitochondrial dysfunction
Premature aging
Pesticides foster parasites because of pH
Fermentation in the body
When you put love into your food you are putting 432 Hz in
Most healing occurs at 1000Hz and below
Biofeedback - an electrical currant of music that you are hearing
PEMF - you are feeling at the vibrational levels of the body, including hollow organs
the pulsing keeps the body for rejecting it
A little bit about sleep

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