Cosmic Reality & Shungite P1 w/ Nancy Hopkins

Published by: janean strong on 11-10-2023

Nancy Hopkins is an author of books about subjects once considered “conspiracy theory” that are now considered factual renditions of reality. Since 2013 Nancy has been on internet radio pursuing the truth wherever it takes. Since 2016 she has run the Cosmic Reality Radio Station continuing the search for knowledge from politics and science to metaphysics and spirituality. In 2014 Nancy was introduced to Shungite, which is the meteorite that crashed into Russia 2.5 billion years ago, Shungite is simply a gift from the cosmos that has leveled the playing field and provided a pathway to saving the humanity.

Some of our Topics:
Kennedy assassination and the shifting of the timeline
We are in an electronic battlefield
Army career in intelligence
Russians know more about EMF’ than anyone else in the world
What 5G does and how are they hiding it
Why more aren’t dying from the jabs
Contracts… Soul & 3D
Weakness of the dark side
Nothing can happen if there isn’t a thought behind it
We are on the timeline that Gaia wants. She wants humans to wake up
Reality is what we think it is
Importance of taking care of yourself
What is Shungite

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Keywords: Shungite, Cosmic Reality, Nancy Hopkins

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