Cosmic Reality & Shungite P2 w/ Nancy Hopkins

Published by: janean strong on 11-13-2023

Nancy Hopkins is an author of books about subjects once considered “conspiracy theory” that are now considered factual renditions of reality. Since 2013 Nancy has been on internet radio pursuing the truth wherever it takes. In 2014 Nancy was introduced to Shungite, which is the meteorite that crashed into Russia 2.5 billion years ago, Shungite is simply a gift from the cosmos that has leveled the playing field and provided a pathway to saving the humanity.

Some of our Topics:

Nancy discovers Shungite
C-60 spins super fast
A water molecule fits inside of a C-60 molecule
Opens the door to quantum field in a pulsing fashion
Powder is the most potent way of using Shungite - more energetic
Use raw nuggets in groups of 3 - tape to water pipe - C-60 spin starts all water molecules spinning and resonating
A toxic molecule is spinning in the wrong direction, Shungite creates a living spin and doesn’t need to be replaced.
Can use powder and sprinkle on tape 3- 6- 9
Shungite and silver - silver embedded into Shungite - more potent
EMF and Shungite
Wifi uses a square wave…electronics need silver saturated Shungite to be effective (electronics means it is communicating something)
Waves are attenuated - not stopped - become biocompatible
Shungite and food in the fridge, electric bills, gas
Raw v Elite Shungite and ‘fake’ Shungite
Shungite and Bees
All Shungite on the planet is quantum entangled
We end with Direct Energy Weapons

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Keywords: Shungite, Mystical Wares, Nancy Hopkins

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