13th Klanmother Karen McDonald

Published by: janean strong on 02-25-2024

Karen McDonald is a klan tribe mother, a registered nurse, quantum biofeedback practitioner and trainer and an amazing healer.

Karen has been passionately pursuing freedom & peace and protecting children in the courts from MKUltra mind control since 1987. She is also involved in the unlawful abductions of tribal/klan and international star nation children, the removal of vaccines, SMART meters, non taxation and many other causes for justice.

Karen’s story of her children’s journey through ritual abuse, mind control and grooming
The SOGI flag
The Transgender issue
Hybridization programs
Klan systems
There are always signs when there is abuse. If a child talks about abuse listen, don’t assume they are making it up.
Sometimes best to find a way to home school
Use abuse of animals to control
Typical to give child another name to create an alter personality
Have to stop the cycle of abuse
And Much Much More

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