Create More Self Sufficiency - The Urban Garden w/ Troy Corbin (Podcast Ep 5)

Published by: janean strong on 01-22-2017

Create an urban paradise full of healthy veggies and fruits in a small space. It is creative, fun, good exercise and you will have the satisfaction of knowing where some of your food is from and how it is grown!

The Urban Garden... Growing your own food on a small piece of land contributes to self sufficiency and independence. You don't need much to do it... just the desire! You absolutely do not need 'property' to grow at least some of your own food.

Troy Corbin is an amazing, knowledgeable & talented young man with an upbeat personality who has created a gardeners’ paradise on only a 1/3 of an acre. That includes the home he shares with his wife Danielle and their son and even a lawn. As a boy, Troy showed a keen interest in his mother’s garden on the island of Trinidad. A love that has stayed with him even after moving to the cold and, barren by comparison, climate of Canada. Troy shares with us his journey and his secrets for a healthy productive garden full of fruits and veggies on a small plot of land. Part of the secret? Taking your time to plan well!

Enjoy Photos of some of Troy's process to create his gardens...
In the Spring and Summer we will reconnect and post garden photos to show the continuing progress.

Keywords: self sufficiency, gardening, food production, independence, fruits, vegetables

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