Herbal First Aid with Krista Poulton (Podcast Episode 10)

Published by: janean strong on 03-26-2017

Comprehensive herbal first aid for hiking, camping and the home. Krista tells us what you can use if outside and there is an injury or accidental ingestion of a toxin etc and you don't have anything with you.
With this information you can put together a complete herbal first aid kit to complement traditional first aid items.
Once again Krista shares her extensive medicinal herbal knowledge with us....there is tons of information here. So if you are interested in natural remedies soak it in and take notes.

Remedies for the following:
Skin conditions
Muscle spasms
Asthma attacks
Toxic exposure
Sleep difficulties

If you are interested in an herbal first aid kit contact Krista at

For more Herbal First Aid information go to www.kristadawnpoulton.com/blog

Krista has a private practice in Victoria, BC. And is a faculty member at Pacific Rim College. She teaches courses in herbal medicine and medicine making, along with supervising clinical training. Her mission .......to teach women to love and adore their bodies, address societal norms of body awareness and educate ways to shift reproductive issues with the use of herbs, diet and supplements.

Passionate about medicine making, Krista has a full herbal dispensary. 95% of which is from herbs she has grown and tinctures she has made . Education, medicine-making, and herb growing along with women’s health are her strong passions.

Krista is a member of the Canadian Herbalists Association of BC and is active on the Board of Directors. She is also involved in the People’s Apothecary, a community Herbal Medicine garden.

Check out Krista's website!


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