Is Your Food Making You SICK? Gluten Sensitivity and Glyphosate -Part 1 (Podcast Ep 11)

Published by: janean strong on 04-02-2017

You have probably not yet heard of Glyphosate... the active ingredient in the herbicide Roundup. Roundup was developed to kill the plant it is sprayed on, like weeds.
GMO crops are specifically engineered to withstand being sprayed with round up..they are 'Roundup ready'...

Obesity, depression, autoimmune disorders, cancers, gluten sensitivity, diabetes, endocrine disruption, autism, chronic illness, neurodegenerative diseases.... the list is so very long...what's happening AND why are we experiencing a huge growth in such a large variety of illnesses ? Especially chronic illnesses

Almost everyone has some knowledge of GMO's but hardly anyone knows that Roundup/glyphosate is now sprayed on the majority of conventionally grown grains in North america.
It's also used as a supposedly safe weedkiller by cities and households across North America.

This podcast episode is dedicated to understanding how glyphosate is affecting the environment, farm animals and humans from the perspectives of a well researched, experienced organic farmer and a well researched, experienced functional medicine doctor.
You'll find fascinating cutting edge information that will help you make informed choices in your nutrition and health care.
We'll begin with how the soil and grains are affected and how they have changed over the last 50/60 years...

Here is a link to a map of the USA that cycles through 1992 to 2012 showing how the use of Glyphosate has increased over these 20 years Glyphosate map USA

Part 1 with David Stelzer, founder and CEO of Azure Standard

David Stelzer is a pioneer of healthy soils and organic foods. His family has farmed in the Pacific Northwest for over 100 years. He is the founder and CEO of Azure Standard, a leading producer and nationwide distributor of natural, organic, and non-GMO food.

David first started farming organically as a teenager in the 1970s, and his passion for providing nourishing, healthful foods grown in healthy soil without the use of harmful chemicals has only continued to grow.

At age 20 he started selling the grain grown on the family farm to areas across the Pacific Northwest -- from the back of his old pickup truck. In 1987, this successful adventure grew into Azure Standard to provide not only the grain he grew but other produce, dried and bulk foods, and health products requested by his growing base of customers.

David and Azure went on to create a unique delivery method of community Drops that evolved organically into an independent organic food distribution network which now covers 38 states – including Hawaii and Alaska – with over 4,000 community Drops in local communities. Azure also ships by parcel carrier so all areas of the country can get high quality foods at reasonable prices.

As Azure has grown over the years David continues to pioneer new methods of growing and producing food. This includes Azure’s Unifine grain milling capabilities, along with value-added products and expanded distribution using direct-to-consumer marketing. Throughout this growth, David continues his focus on helping people find health and wellness through the produce and products Azure offers, and by growing nutrient-rich foods in healthy soil on the thriving Azure Farm.

David passionately believes in supporting small and family-owned farms, suppliers, and businesses. He always advocates for healthy and abundant living while aspiring to remain on the forward edge in providing truly healthful food to a world hungry for quality ingredients grown using fair and sustainable farming methods.

David is happily married for over 30 years. He and his wife and their 11 children continue the family tradition of working the farm together.

To contact Azure Standard call 971-200-8350

Link to The Azure Standard Website and Catalog

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