Great Decisions, Perfect Timing with Paul O'Brien (Podcast Ep. 12)

Published by: janean strong on 04-15-2017

Paul O'Brien uses his life story as the unfolding backdrop for his take on synchronicity, belief engineering, intuitive intelligence and more. If you want to learn to make better decisions in your life, this is the episode for you.

Paul's newest book, Great Decisions, Perfect Timing

* How to cultivate Intuitive Intelligence

* Belief Engineering

* Visionary Decision Making

* Strong feelings do not necessarily make good decisions

* the Synchronistic Lifestyle

Have you ever passed up something good in the hope that something perfect would come along? Or missed an exceptional opportunity because your timing was off? Is it hard for you to distinguish between a risk worth taking and wishful thinking?

Over the course of a lifetime, you need to make important decisions that will determine your levels of success and happiness. Strategic decision making skills are critical to finding or expressing your true calling and learning how to commit to a plan with confidence, while reducing the confusion and stress that can bog you down at life's turning points. Learn how to tap your intuitive intelligence when you need it most!

Paul has graciously offered his ebook..... Great Decisions Perfect Timing as a free gift to Keepin it Real with Janean listeners.

His website is

for a copy of his ebook Great Decisions, Perfect Timing

Keywords: decioson making, timing, divination, tarot, i ching, Paul O'Brien, synchronicity, visionary

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