One Woman's Journey Through Misdiagnosis and Cancer w/ Kate Michels (Podcast Ep 16)

Published by: janean strong on 06-11-2017

Meet Kate Michels, life coach and trainer, who spent years in pain, misdiagnosed. Finally it became obvious that she had cancer... not willing to 'play the cancer game' she sought a cure and discovered Functional Medicine...this is her journey.

Kate Michels is an Emotional Wisdom Trainer, founder of Core Alignment Coaching, NLP Trainer, speaker, best selling author and 'Coach of Coaches'. She is an expert at assisting others to live aligned in their truth. Emotional Wisdom Training is one of the most advanced Life Coaching systems in the world. It’s a value based, motivation-orientated, intensely personal process that is focused on an individuals unique purpose. the constructs of traditional counseling, mentoring, psychology and life coaching to support people to accept their past, become aware of their present and awaken to their future. Kate is internationally recognized in more then 9 countries. Her clients experience lasting results with life challenges including Bi-polar disorder, Social Anxiety, eating disorders and sleep issues to the normal spin cycles of every day living. Life events incidents and accidents create beliefs that either motivate or limit. Kate helps her clients know what these beliefs are and where they came from giving people the ability to reprogram and live more resourcefully.

Accept the past, become aware of the present, awaken to the future, align with your core.

To learn more about Kate's work go to Emotional Wisdom Training

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