Facing Fear in a Culture of Crisis with Dr. Jose Rodriguez

Published by: janean strong on 08-06-2017

We are living in a culture of crisis...'Fake News' has almost become the norm.... what is fake news? It is a message of distortion with the intent to create in another a belief that you know is not true.

Dr Jose Rodriguez is Professor of Communication Studies at Cal State Long Beach.

Dr. Rodríguez collaborates with clients to develop and deliver messages that work. As communication scientist, he has helped over 10,000 people and numerous organizations achieve major milestones by focusing on how messages function to create desirable results.

Dr. Rodríguez holds a doctorate in communication and is a recognized expert in message development, presentation delivery, and audience involvement.

His courses and workshops unveil research-based techniques for creating messages that help people achieve the right results at the right time. You can follow Dr. Rodríguez on LinkedIn and on Twitter.

A Mindfulness 4 step process for responding to fear based messages

1. Pause - you want to be able to respond vrs react
2. Breathe - allow the mind and nervous system to gain some distance
3. Reflect - ask questions, consider what is happening…. Is this real? Is this helpful? Is this true?
4. Choose - what is the best, useful, helpful, loving choice….. it’s not a right or wrong

F - alse

E - vidence

A - ppearing

R - eal

Make mindful choices rather than give in to fear!

You can connect with Dr. Rodriguez On Twitter - profjrodriguez1

Keywords: Fake News, Fear, mindfullness, crisis, distortion

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