Healing Chronic Conditions pt. 2 The Role of Inflammation w/ Dr. Matt Flory (Podcast Ep 21)

Published by: janean strong on 09-03-2017

9 out of 10 pathologies are related to inflammation. The plethora of drugs that people are taking for chronic conditions are not healing the condition, they are not correcting the underlying causes.... mostly they are relieving symptoms which is a bandaid approach to your health... so most likely you will have to take those medications the rest of your life. Wouldn't you rather work towards health and healing your body/mind!

Learn how the majority of chronic conditions have underlying chronic inflammation. Auto Immune diseases, low energy, cardiovascular issues, cancer, neurological disorders, COPD, Depression, anxiety, diabetes, sleep apnea, IBD, dementia... are all included here.

The FHT Kaizen approach is to consistently build that immune system, the strongest drug ever ...

This is part 2 of my series on Healing Chronic Conditions.... the Role of Inflammation

You can find Part 1, the Role of Toxins on episode #20

Dr. Matthew Flory is a Functional Medicine Doctor who specializes in uncovering the root causes of biological imbalances. He has created an online platform for you to easily access comprehensive health care and healing in The Functional Health Team

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Keywords: Functional Medicine, chronic, medical model, gut microbiome, GI function, inflammation, immune system

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