Your Story Matters! Write Memoir! with Dawn Montefusco (Podcast Episode #25)

Published by: janean strong on 10-29-2017

Everyone has a story to tell. Have you ever just wondered if you should write about something in your life? Well... according to Dawn Montefusco, now is the best time to write your memoir. And, your story could change someones life and help them heal. With Kindle it is easier than ever to get your story out there.

Dawn will help you get started and finish strong!

Some of the topics we cover in this conversation

**Who cares? Why would someone want to write a story about their life

**In the crafting of memoir, the old adage “write what you know” ceases to be cliché and becomes story gold.

**Seek to create emotional resonance with your reader

**Why it’s important to see your life through the lens of the hero’s journey…

**How is a memoir different from an autobiography

*Dawn's upcoming FACEBOOK LIVE EVENT Nov 1-30 “Write With Me”
@ Dawn Z. Montefusco The Memoir Coach

Dawn Montefusco is an award winning poet, author, public speaker and writing coach. She inspires clients with a desire to write memoir and tell powerful stories.

Her passion and keenest talent is coaching writers on a path of self-discovery by finding their voice and crafting memoirs through a proven process that uses a threefold perspective of truth telling, emotional healing, and how to write a good story.

A native of New York City, Dawn graduated from NYU with a Bachelor of Arts, worked in the fields of Public Relations and Marketing and then went on to achieve a MFA in creative writing from Eastern Washington University. She earned her Solution-Focused Coaching Certification from Erickson College and developed the international online writing series “Write Because It Matters.”

Dawn's upcoming Facebook live program “Write With Me” will start Nov 1st and run for 30days to help people create a solid writing routine, finish one piece of work, and celebrate National Novel Writing Month.

Her new book “One True Story: Write Your Memoir, Inspire Others and Leave a Legacy will be Available in December of this year.

Link to Dawn's FREE GIFT

Dawn's webpage

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