Pharmaceuticals: Profit vrs. People w/ Nathan Fraser (Podcast Ep 26)

Published by: janean strong on 11-12-2017

One Families Story. A very personal conversation. Hear Nathan Fraser's story of how his mom became hooked on prescriptions and how they destroyed her life and eventually killed her.

Nathan Fraser is the owner of Podcast Blastoff and is an excellent copywriter and marketing genius...he has written ads for supplement and nutrition companies and today is joining us for a conversation on pharmaceuticals and regulatory agencies and how this affects all of us.

**How big pharma and the regulators suppress natural alternatives.

**Popping pills to relieve symptoms rather than actually curing.

**Do you blindly submit to authority?

**We must take responsibility for our health and our life and not hand it over to authority figures.

**Choose to be a victim or take control.

**Are you going to make your life better or are you going to play the victim, expecting others to make your life better?

**You have a lot more power in your life than you realize!

Nathan Fraser is a liberty podcaster, copywriter and entrepreneur.

He has been through his fair share of hard times. Nathan and his siblings grew up on welfare and spent much of their childhood homeless. In 2012, he lost his little brother at the all-to-young age of 29. Shortly after that, his father and mother passed away as well. You will see in our conversation how pharmaceuticals contributed to the scenario of his families story.

Now Nathan is building a better future for himself and others as an advocate of free markets and free people. Values that are a huge influence in his life and work.

Nathan hosts a podcast and blog. He covers topics related to freedom, free markets, and marketing. If you want to be your own boss, politically and professionally, check out the BYO BOSS Podcast, the Nathan Fraser Show.

Here he shares his journey with his listeners and invites people to learn with him, the ins and outs of building a start up, from a liberty minded point of view.

He often covers issues like leadership skills, branding, marketing, and other related topics. By listening, you'll discover how these skills can improve your activism, as well as your business.

Nathan Fraser's Website

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