Free to Be Well with Debbie Miller (Podcast Ep 27)

Published by: janean strong on 11-26-2017

Debbie Miller is the author of Free To Be Well and is a native of Washington State and the  Mother of two beautiful children who are the inspiration for her research and book.

‘Free to Be Well’ is the result of over 10 years of research
While raising her two children, many health issues arose that guided Debbie in writing this book.  
Debbie Miller’s Research and experience convinced her that there are alternatives to antibiotics, and many of the prescription medications that are harmful to children and adults.
As Debbie states...We have choices which allow us to be Free to be Well.
Her goal is to have healthier children that will carry on alternative lifestyles, and robust health.
Debbie’s book is for people of any age who are looking for a health change for the better.

What is a mycotoxin and why are mycotoxins so dangerous?
Our grain supply is contaminated with fungus.
Peanuts are usually contaminated with fungus (mold) our corn supply is almost always contaminated with aflatoxin b-1, considered by many to be the most carcinogenic substance known to man.
Why it is best not to have a biopsy of a tumor... better to have it excised

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Keywords: fungus, mycotoxin,mold, mildew, antibiotics, carcinogens, environmental

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